So you’ve just moved into your new home and you’re in the process of making it an actual home. One of the things that you have on your list is the flooring in each room. Now, when it comes to flooring the choices are almost as endless as for wallpaper, but we’ll split this down into three main areas;

  1. Faux flooring. This includes anything that is made to deceive. By this I mean laminate woods mainly. Laminates are great for a number of reasons; they’re cheap compared to the real versions, they’re easy to put down, relatively easy to replace, easy to clean and still look great. The downside is that they’re not often as hardwearing as a real wooden or tiled floor.
  2. Real wood flooring. A classy choice for those who can afford to put down a real floor with all of the beauty that comes with it. The benefits of a real wood floor are obvious; treated well, the floor will last for years and years. Varnishing and re-treating the floor can be costly. However the look and feel cannot be matched.
  3. Carpets. Carpets are still a popular choice in many modern homes. Relatively more difficult to clean than a wood or laminate, but easy to replace and put down. Often warmer than a laminate floor and of course less noisy.
  4. Whatever floor you are looking to have in your home, make an educated decision and asses the room for what you think will look best. Carpet tiles as provided by C&C Flooring will also make a fantastic choice if that’s the route you wish to go. Contact C&C for more; Office 27, East Moons House, Oxleasow Road, Redditch, Worcestershire, B98 0RE